Kids' NERF WAR Birthday Parties

Your child and their friends will have a real BLAST of birthday party with us! 

Below you will find all the info you need to plan your child’s party. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 718-967-6090

This will be a fun filled event with the Birthday Child being the Star of the Show.

We provide a super fun NERF WAR PARTIES since 2009. These parties especially designed for a SAFE fun time with NERF GUNS. Plus, fun games and events will be done at the party such as dodgeball, gladiators, freeze tag, relay races and shuttle runs or whatever the Birthday kid wants to do (within reason). Games based on the age of the attendees. Whether the student is 5 or 15 we have the right experience to make their special day, one to remember.

KIDS 4 YEARS OLD AND UNDER: we advise you that you do a super fun karate party with us. Click Here to learn more.

Awesome Birthday Parties at Island Martial Arts!

Note: If the attendees are young (such as 4 or so) we advise you that find out ahead of time what types of games they like and can play. Sometimes we run into 4 year olds that don’t know how to play many games at all. This makes it hard to have a variety, but they ALWAYS HAVE FUN. It just would be better to know the games they already know.

Structure of the Party

  • The party usually starts with Set Up 15 minutes prior to starting time.
  • It usually takes the guests approximately 10 to 15 minutes get ready to start
  • NERF WAR 25 minutes (depending on the children)
  • We then play games for the rest of the hour
  • The children then eat Pizza and Birthday Cake
  • After pizza time, it’s party time, we’ll play more games if time permits

What you must bring to the party

We supply the entertainment, you supply the rest. We recommend you bring a tablecloth large enough to accommodate all the children to sit around and eat. We also recommend you bring enough plastic garbage bags to put all the trash and paper in, at the end of the party. For drinks we recommend juice drinks that are in the boxes with plastic straws. We suggest pizza for ease of delivery and cleanup as well as ice cream cups (if you plan to eat ice cream). Please don’t bring cups to drink out of, they almost always spill and make a mess and hold up the party.

You must provide a list of all children that will possibly attend the party. It is very important that we get this list a few days prior to the party. We must have a waiver for each child participating signed by their parent stating that they know that they are at our studio participating in a party. We will provide permission slips to you when you give us the list of possible attendees.

Fee: $499 up to 15 Kids, $30 for each additional child. A $200 deposit is required when you make your reservation. Deposit is not refundable for cancellations less than 2 weeks prior to the party. You must give us a final count no later than 3 days prior to the party. Balance must be paid at this time and NO REFUNDS are given if you contract for more children than actually attend. Ages 4 & Up.

All guests will receive a Free Trial Program just for attending the Party (provided they are not already students of Island Martial Arts).


To get started or request more information simply fill out our form and one of our staff members will contact you to answer any questions you may have. 

Download a form to fill out now for your next party!